Monday, 31 December 2012

Mushroom Ravioli and Meatballs

It is the Sunday before New Year and in the fridge a small punnet of exotic mixed mushrooms need to be used before they become dried mushrooms.  Leafing through my new Michel Roux cookbook, a Christmas present from Richard, I spot a recipe for Mushroom Cappalletti.  I can do pasta, although maybe not the cappalletti shape, but the recipe is a start.  I decide to pair it with meatballs to a) add a meat element and b) a sauce. 

The pasta is simple enough because I make it in the Kenwood but, even though I don't have to work one handed whilst turning a handle, I still can't get my pasta to form neat rectangles, but for this recipe it doesn't matter.

The mushroom mix, bulked up by a couple of finely chopped button mushrooms, is sautéed in clarified butter with finely chopped shallots and parsley.

I used cutters to make the ravioli - it was easier to use two sizes of circle to accommodate the filling, which was sealed in with egg wash.
Filling them was time consuming - I'm glad I was only making a dozen. 
Very pleased they didn't burst open whilst cooking.  I thought they could have done with a couple of minutes more but Steve said they were fine.
The meatballs were from a Nigella recipe which combines beef and pork mince, breadcrumbs, oregano, parmesan and an egg and is formed into tiny meatballs which are chilled in the fridge and then cooked in a simple tomato sauce.  I used some ready shredded parmesan which looked a bit odd in the raw state but melted nicely when cooked.
The meatballs sat in the simmering sauce for half an hour but could have been left longer - just be careful not to break them up when you stir.
The end result!  It was very tasty and not too filling.   A bit of a faff but what else to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon?


  1. Looks fab Sue! Glad to see you in the blogosphere.

  2. Looks delicious Sue! I love your blog wallpaper.

  3. You're setting your standards high - all your posts will need to look as good as this! I like photos as you go along, but never get round to taking them myself1